The Harmony Of Pink And Grey Bedroom

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Pink And Grey Room Theme

Pink and grey bedroom – The combination of both colors is an increasingly firm trend in homes. Thanks to the influence of the Nordic style, the pastel colors in harmony with grey and white, devastate decorations of all kinds. We show you ideas and solutions to dress your bedroom with this interesting mix.

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The color pink, or any shade of pink, is extracted from the primary color red mixed with white. Depending on the percentage of white we use, we will obtain a darker or paler rose. Its name in Spanish comes from the color of the flowers of the “old” roses. To achieve the so-called “pink color”, it is enough to add a very small black, brown or sepia brushstroke to the mixture. Depending on the chosen proposal you will get a pink and grey bedroom a shade a little warmer. This type of color is also known as antique rose, so in contrast to grey creates a surprising effect.

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The pink and grey bedroom will benefit and much of this nice combination. Neutral, calm and rich at the same time; serving both a female and a unisex bedroom. In the room of girls or baby will be a great combination that will reduce the amount of “pink” many times too usual in these rooms.

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