Solar Fence Post Lights And The Working Mechanism

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If you are seriously thinking about improving the look and style of your outdoor landscape and yet you don’t really like the idea of spending too much money on it, you are not alone. A lot of homeowners have the same idea and thoughts like you and it is perfectly normal. After all, who likes getting a hefty electricity bill by the end of the time just for the outdoor lighting, right? Well, if you want to improve the look without spending too much, having the solar fence post lights may help.

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The Mechanism

A solar lights generally has its own rechargeable battery which is charged during the day – with the help from the sun. Known as the PV effect, the sunray is captured by the solar panel which then recharges the battery when the sunray is still available. When it starts getting dark, the energy that has been stored in the battery will be used to operate the LED light, providing you lights at night without using the regular electricity. Of course, placing the solar fence post lights in the right place and spot can really help in maximizing the power. For instance, the solar panels are responsible for capturing the sunray so be sure that you place your lamp in the right spot – at least in the area where it can get a minimum 6 hours of sunray exposure.

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Don’t forget that the different solar lamps have their own mechanism of solar panels. However, in most cases, the panel will be located on the top area of the light. If you want to enjoy the best effect of the solar fence post lights, you need to choose a solar lamp with adjustable and flexible solar panels. The flexible panel allows you to adjust it to the right angle during different times and seasons. For instance, you can set it up for 45 degrees tilting during winter and 30 degrees during summer.

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