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Slag for driveway – One of the by-products of steel and iron production is slag. The material is ground to a consistency which corresponds to the gravel in shape and size. The product is typically only available in areas where the ore convert into pure metals. The slag will vary depending on the metal, melting and the quality of the ore. Then the process of building a driveway using slag utilizing the same tools as every other driveway project. And this depends on the type of slag or the size of the slag pieces. Also this means that the slag is commonly pull by heavy trucks capable of dumping material on the site.

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Slag for driveway tools spreading, in large scale projects driveway pay loaders and skid-steer loaders usually move and level slag forming driveway. In small scale projects blades can rakes and wheelbarrows used. Keep in mind that the heavier weight of the slag for driveway will make the project smoothing driveway more difficult and time consuming than with gravel.

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Benefits slag for driveway, because of this better slag holds together than crushed stone. Other uses, contractors also use slag for driveway as comprehensive, concrete and asphalt roads, driveways and parking lots.

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