Simple Basement Window Exhaust Fan Ideas

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Glass Block Basement Window Exhaust Fan

Basement window exhaust fan – The idea behind this device is that it sucks the cool moist air and shoots it outside before it has the chance to condensate. I used a Broan bathroom exhaust fan and mounted it into basement windows that I made from scrap lumber. They sit on my basement floor. This fan then connected to some flex tubing that I ran out an old basement window. The windows have been boarded up to allow for the clothes dryer ventilation. I just cut another hole in the boarded up window and put in another outside flap just like the dryer. It has connecting it to the new fan.

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When my basement ventilation fan is running, the flap opens to release the moist air and when the fan is off the flap closes up keeping bugs and outside air out. Then I added one thing to make this ventilation system work just like the real thing. A $26 dehumidistat that I bought online which is an air king dh55 dehumidistat switch. This device has turn knob that allows me to adjust the humidity level I want. And kicks on the fan when the humidity gets too high.  Once the humidity level drops off according to your desired level, the fan shuts off.

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I mounted the dehumidistat on top of the wooden box. Its wires go through a hole drilled underneath it. It allows me to wire everything up inside the wood box. The dehumidistat wires up just like a regular light switch. So if you can wire up a bathroom fan, you can make one of these. I used an old extension cord for the power cord, allowing me to plug it into a nearby socket.

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