Roof Shingle Types You Should Know

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There are different Roof Shingle Types available in the market today. Asphalt shingles are known as complex shingles. Most homeowners choose this type because they are inexpensive and easy to install. They last for up to 30 years and they require low maintenance.  Wood Panels were a popular choice for roofing materials in the past. Perhaps the reason is that there are so many trees for many years, wood shingles are lightweight and easy to install. The wood panels have smooth and cut to a certain size, giving a unique look.

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Cedar Rice shingles come in cinnamon, honey and silvery gray color. They look very nice and give a royal look. However, these shingles have little resistance to fire compared with other types of herpes zoster. They need regular care and maintenance to avoid fading in a short period of time.  Metal roofing shingles used irregularly. This is probably because shingles can be very expensive metal. However, it is now becoming more popular because it is durable and safe. It can also withstand all kinds of weather conditions: rain, cold, strong wind and snow. Shingles are also fireproof and are not susceptible to the mold and insects. Most metal roofing panels are environmentally friendly because they contain recycled materials. The most common metal for roofing shingle is painted aluminum and steel. That’s all some roof shingle types.

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