Do It Yourself Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

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Do It Yourself Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Both modern and vintage house are always need shelf to stack up items or decorations. Using ordinary shelf has considered as old-school. Nowadays, people tend to install DIY (Do It Yourself) Shelf for arranging their items. Some of the most favorite shelves are Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves. This kind of shelves are easy to install and simple. Nevertheless, it still gives fancy look and could be used as house d├ęcor. The materials used for it will also determine the design and the good look it brings.

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Some of good materials for Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves are made of pines, or teak wood.

You can still use another material such as recycle wooden plank or others. When choosing materials, please be sure that you choose the strong ones to support many items. You also need to calculate items you want to put. In example, if you want to make the shelves for the purpose of your book shelves, you need to make it from the strong wood like teak woods. Even though this kind of wood is more expensive, but it is stronger than any other wood. As books are something heavy to support, you also need something stronger. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that the shelves you installed are attached well on the wall. Installing it recklessly will make it easy to fall down and break the items on it.

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Furthermore, you still need to furnish the Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves to make it last long.

After installing, clean it everyday with duster. Do not brush it, since it will make the furnish layer easily exfoliate. Install the wooden shelves in the place far from water and not soggy. Place items on it by a bit closer to the wall, to avoid it wall on the floor. This wooden can be installed both indoor and even outdoor.

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