Pottery Barn Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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Pottery barn bathroom vanity is recommended for your bathroom, they will offer cuteness and sweet look for modern bathroom with friendly look. Small pottery barn bathroom vanity, of necessity, usually has little vanities. Still, just because your vanity lacks size does not mean you have to lack style. There are lots of simple things you can do to dress and give maximum impact, even if there is a minimal amount of space. Instead of spreading out all your toiletries across the counter, they contain in a single space. Group them in a nice tray, and set the tray neatly in a corner of the small vanity. This will create an immediate visual impact while saving space. Select items of different heights, shapes and textures for added interest, as a tall glass cylinder filled with decorative soaps, natural sponge and hand towel wrapped invited.

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Add articles tall and slender with small pottery barn bathroom vanity. Height draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of more space. Try placing some fine taper candles in silver candle holders. Cup topiary can add a fresh touch of green to the room. Incense sticks slid along a vertical support, you add a spa like feel and fragrance of vanity and room. Mirrors make small spaces feel larger, according to Apartment Therapy. Place a mirror on the dresser.Pottery barn bathroom vanity,

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