Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

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Painting kitchen cabinets white is a great way to renew old utensils. You can change look of any room, but it will take time and patience. Since it is very cheap compared to buying new furniture, it is a common choice among many people. To paint white wooden furniture and achieve a professional finish, there are several steps you should take. Place your furniture on a drop cloth, paper or paperboard daily. Using a screwdriver, remove all including knobs, handles, hinges and decorative parts accessories. Get all drawers and doors and place them separately on web.

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Using paper sandpaper or an electric sander, sanding surface of all parts of painting kitchen cabinets white, Make sure you do it in direction of wood grain to prevent scratching. Use a tack rag to remove dust from surface. Check to see if everything must re-sanded. It is important to remove old finish completely. Once this is done, gently sand surface with steel wool, this will create a smooth surface for applying final coat of paint. Using a brush, apply a coat of primer to painting kitchen cabinets white following direction of grain. After it dries, apply a second coat. This will ensure that final layer adheres to surface.

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