Outdoor Candle Chandelier Bottle Ideas

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Outdoor Candle Chandelier Ideas

Outdoor candle chandelier – a bottle of wine has its own value that makes it look luxurious. Even for the bottle alone, although old and looks very simple, still has aesthetic value so worthy of use. One use of this wine bottle is to make it as the wall decoration. Used bottles should not be thrown away. Think, there are many things you can do with bottles. In fact, you can also decorate the house with this one, but with some creative ideas of course.

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Bottles can also be used as outdoor candle chandelier. In fact, the wax container from the used bottle is more interesting than the hanging lamp in general. You see, in this case, only a bottle of mouth is used. The inside of the bottle can be added accessories such as sand or flowers, so it looks more beautiful. Bottles have many colors. Well, take advantage of the color of the bottle to provide special lighting in one room in the house.

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The outdoor candle chandelier is usually installed elongated in a room. But try it in a different way. Put this lamp on the bottle, then turn it on. That way, a more soothing feel will come up. Therefore, this lamp is suitable to be placed in the room as a light sleeper. You will also have new lights in an easy and inexpensive way.

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