Modern Window Treatment Ideas Trick And Tips

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Modern Window Coverings Ideas

Modern window treatment ideas – The windows should be kept to look attractive and longer. Each window requires proper care depending on wood, glass, or metal materials and its position in outer buildings exposed to sunlight and rainwater or in buildings close to shore. here’s an idea for window treatments.

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Glass cleaners that come from nature and do not undergo chemical processes are tobacco. The trick: soak 1-2 ounces of low-quality tobacco for 15 minutes. Then grab a duster and dip it in tobacco to clean the glass. Let the remnants of tobacco water paste for a moment on the glass. After that just wipe the glass surface and clean the remnants of tobacco water with a dry cloth. This is effective for modern window treatment ideas.

Eucalyptus oil and a hair dryer can also be used to clean stickers from glass. How to get a hair dryer to remove a sticker from the glass, to clean the remnants of paper sticking with a drop of eucalyptus oil, rub with the help of a flat object such as a plastic ruler to really clean. when modern window treatment ideas for plywood to be eaten by termites used with special anti-termite fluids. besides, it can also be used the traditional way that is by liming wood.

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