Managing The Right Aspect Of Living Room Accent Wall

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Improving the look and atmosphere of the living room can be done easily without having to deal with the complicated procedures and spending too much. With living room accent wall, you can improve the overall style, ambiance, atmosphere, and appearance of the living room easily. If you can combine the small details, the right color, and the little accent, you can achieve a greater result without having to spend a fortune.

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Starting out with the Design

The combination of color and accessories are the main factors that make the living room accent wall look super stylish and fashionable without turning it lousy or cheesy. Sure, it takes the right accessories to create a great balance of fashion and style, but you should always pay attention to the proportion. For instance, if you have a regular layout of the living room with the sofa placed close to the wall, you can add the background wall with interesting art piece. If you have a big painting, placing one right in the center will be enough. If you have black and white photo, you can arrange them in a horizontal lines to create an interesting focal point. It may be simple but it is super attractive.

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If you have a different wall that functions as the focal point because it comes in a different color than the other walls, try to maximize its layout. If you paint it in darker shade, pair it up with bright sofa and add a painting on the above. It will create a contrast but stylish effect. You can also add other elements such as the twin shelves or racks. Place the white sofa in the middle in between the racks on its right and left. With such an arrangement, you can add the stylish living room accent wall in white (including other accessories) that will definitely improve the look.

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