Making Pottery Barn Coffee Table

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Pottery barn coffee table epitomizes rural style infused with city life. You can emulate this style in your home decor without buying parts retailer. Fixing accessories dining table to mimic the style of pottery barn is a way to bring retail design elements in your home at low cost. One of the design issues of pottery barn has been used repeatedly in the past infuses bright, produce or flowers with elegant tableware and glassware.

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1. Collect 10 or brighter fruit farm in North America as lemons, limes, red or green apples. All have vibrant color. You can mix green and red apples and lemons and limes, lemons or use only or red apples as you see fit.

2. Place the fruit in a large plate or bowl-Stark white or wood. Select serving dishes that are stylish and modern look, which incorporates elements of the city of this design concept.

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3. Organize crystal glasses upside down on a serving plate white or matching wood. Place this agreement by the fruit bowl. Put a glass jar with matching glass disposal. During lunchtime, fill with juice. Fill the bottom fifth of a transparent glass with matching stones. Choose a vase that is sleek and modern looking. Choose rocks in a neutral tone like brown, black or white.

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