Make Happy Your Cat With Hidden Litter Box Furniture

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A cat lover always has problem for caring their cute animal, especially in placing the litter box. If the litter box put in the outdoor area, it can spread bad odor toward the air. Of course you do not want it to be happened, as it will give uncomfortable feeling to the family, and even your guests. Some people perhaps could train their cat to do it business in the toilette, but not all of people could. Solving this problem, Hidden Litter Box Furniture is created as the new innovation for caring your cat.

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There are various designs of Hidden Litter Box Furniture.

The most common ones is the mini cupboard in size around 1m x 1m x 1m. You can place litter box inside the cupboard. If you install this item by yourself, you can give other functions. As on the cupboard could be used as table, you can put your cat mattress on it. This item also contain of one square hole in a side, to make entrance and exit for your cat. You can also install cat playing tree on the cupboard, so that your cat can climb over it. Nevertheless, you must be sure that the bottom part could support the upper part strongly.

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Installing Hidden Litter Box Furniture is something possible to handle by yourself.

You can use your unused cupboard and make hole on a side. You could also insert drawer on it, or if perhaps it already contain drawer, you can use it as place for your cat foods. You need to pay attention in placing this item. Although the litter box put inside the cupboard as the hidden ones, you still need to be careful in causing bad odor to the air. Changing the sands regularly and use the sweet-scented sands in order to keep your house cozy.

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