Make A Mirrored Coffee Table With A Spider

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Mirrored coffee table will be the perfect option to select when you want to add beauty to your living room through its coffee table. Buy coffee tables style of a spider in a local craft store or find antique chandeliers in an antique shop. Take away the wires and place it aside. Use a wooden rod inserted through the middle of the spider, where the cables were, to sustain it over a glass vase. Place a mirror beveled edges on each table and placed the spider on it.

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Hanging strips of glass beads around the spider and letting it hang from each other. Wrap the string of beads in this manner until you reach its end, and tie with a final round at arm spider for mirrored coffee table. Tie a piece of fishing line to the end of the prism, then tie the other to a spider arm, keeping the prism close enough to the arm so that the fishing line does not show. Add as many as you like prisms to each arm of the spider.

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Enter candles in the arms of the chandelier. Use regular candles or battery, depending on the look you prefer. Add a floral oasis wet topped with fresh flowers that match the color scheme of your event, on top of the coffee table . Add strips of silk foliage around the base of the mirrored coffee table .

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