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Macadam Driveway Brown

Macadam Driveway is a useful drive material. However, it is more expensive and less durable than concrete. It is prone to cracking, which can lead to costly repairs. Replace your Macadam concrete constructions for a cheaper and more durable driveway that will thrive in areas exposed to regular freezing and frosting that causes cracks and Macadam degradation.

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For larger sections, use an excavator or a kangoo hammer. For smaller sections, use a sledge. Pieces should not be more than one inch wide. Spread broken asphalt evenly over the surface of the driveway using spades. Tamping down with the help of a mechanical tampering. Frame the edge of the drive with 2 “by 6” trusses. This frame serves as a shape that provides a defined edge for your Macadam Driveway.

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Place a # 3 reinforcement iron grid supported by two-inch concrete Dobie’s so that it is in the middle of the driveway and forms a continuous grid. This serves as reinforcement for the driveway. Order 3000 PSI concrete from a concrete supplier. The number refers to the amount of weight the concrete will carry.

Pour the concrete into the center of the mold. Move it to the corner with spades. Pour sections as needed. Level the concrete using a bull float, similar to a plank of wood or metal with a long shaft. Spray a concrete curing compound on the wet concrete. The 1 “-by-2” wood remains on the driveway. Refill the holes after working with soil or Macadam Driveway. Allow to dry for another five days before using.

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