Integrated Of Living Spaces Beds

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Living Spaces Beds Interior

Living spaces beds – A small living space although simple to still have a place to sleep and where to visit visitors. The furniture integrated with the sofa below is an interesting solution. If you are having a headache finding a solution to your narrow living space. The lower bed will become comfortable space while folding quickly turned into a prominent sofa, but not so the foot of the bed becomes a beautiful open shelf.

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If you do not see the cabin dressing up in bed in the blink of an eye. You will probably think this area is the corner leading to the corridor to relax at living spaces beds, sightseeing. Thanks to the wonderful transformation of the sound bed that this small space is comfortable and not feel cramped.

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With the “addict” work, the workroom and equipment to serve the new work is the first priority in the house. In this case, why do not you integrate your bed in the bedroom for more comfortable rest? The living spaces beds are integrated with the storage rack in a clever and beautiful way by design similar to the surrounding space. When you lower the bed, the study room will turn into a bedroom, when you fold up, this place is back to workspace spacious, comfortable for two people.

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