Installing PVC Fence Post On Hillside

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Best PVC Fence Post

PVC fence post is durable, require little to no maintenance and will not rot or fade. It is available in three different styles: integrity, a solid panel; Picket, shorter, and can see through; and shadowbox, looks the same on both sides. Then, install vinyl fence on a slope requires step method. The result is a fence similar to step into the hillside.

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Place PVC fence post, including services throughout the area where it will be placed. Then, place a bet where each post will be installed. Tie the string tightly across the ground from game to game to create a straight horizontal line. After reaching a sloping field, tying string around the insert and tighten to the next post. Also hold the string straight and horizontally. Then, you can use a board to extend the string to the ground. Run the rod. Repeat this procedure for the whole hill until the land flattens out. The stakes and the attached string will resemble steps.

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If you want to install the PVC fence post, use a post hole digger and dig holes for poles. The hole should be deep enough to put a third of the pole in the ground, plus 6 inches of gravel. And then, make the hole 10 inches wide. Fill 6 inches of the hole with gravel for drainage. Mix the concrete according to the instructions on the package and fill the post hole. Press record in the hole and make sure it is plumb. And also use bracing posts to hold the post position until the concrete hardens. Then, repeat these steps for all messages.

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