Ideas Oversized Reading Chair For Library

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Oversized Reading Chair Wodden

Oversized reading chair – You can say the chair is a close friend to us. Choosing the right chairs for your style as well as comfort when sitting on them is not a simple story. Readers have never thought of designing a convenient chair, in addition to the use of sitting, they have more places to store our precious books. Too great, right!

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From the distance it looks like an armchair with a lotus pink lotus mattress normal but you look carefully, around is filled with books of all sizes. It was named Bibliochaise by Italian designers Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari. The two started working together in the advertising industry in 1994. In 2005 Nobody & Co was founded, their creative ways are extremely diverse, especially in 2006 the most unique work was This oversized reading chair library.

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The oversized reading chair Biblopouf is considered to be the brother version of Biblochaise. While his brother can hold up to three hundred books, this brother can only hold about a hundred books. Not a small number? However, it still gives you a comfortable and convenient seat, a space for you to indulge in. When you do not want to sit on them, you can also stack them up and now they have turned into cubes – rubik looks beautiful.

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