How To Refinish Brass Floor Lamp Wood

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Brass floor lamp will be the perfect part you have in your home to be the interesting focal point to decor home with more artistic part. Furniture and midcentury have a fairly high price in collector market. When the pieces have a high level of damage, including scratches and dull spots, refinishing the piece restores its natural beauty. Wooden brass floor lamp and brass floor typically have teak, but designers also chose different shades and styles of wood. Refinishing wood involves restoring separate the different materials used in the construction of the lamp.

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Spread a layer of old newspapers on your workspace. Start pieces of tape and wrap the tape around the spare brass floor lamp. Tape peels off leaving no residue behind and protects surfaces brass wood splitter.

Dip the brush into the separator wood and paint the liquid on wood surfaces lamp. Repeat the process to completely cover all wood surfaces with the stripper. Rinse the brush with fresh water. Clean wood splitter wood with a brush or spatula.

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Sanding wood zones lamp lightly with fine grit sandpaper. Brush the excess sawdust produced by wood and dip the brush in wood stain. Coat of wood with wood stain and immediately wipe off any excess stain with paper towels. Add more layers to achieve the desired color.

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