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Modern How To Paint A Chain Link Fence

How to paint a chain link fence – Chained fence can quickly lose its gloss and get boring and dirty. When the surface of this type of fence is stained with rust and rust and the paint has started to dissolve or fade. It becomes obviously uninteresting and can be a disadvantage for the value and appeal of your home. Fortunately, chain link is not that difficult to refinish and color as it may seem. This do-it-yourself project can be completed in a short weekend of deliveries when staying at any hardware store.

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How to paint a chain link fence, clean the fence with a wire brushes to remove dirt, soot, stains, and especially rust, from the fence. Place a cloth or tarpaulin under the chain link fence. And extending at least two feet from the fence in either direction. This is an important step to protect the soil below from color drops, which is almost inevitable with this type of project. Spray a rust proofing agent on any noticeably rusty areas of the fence before painting. This should help prevent further acclaim on these problem areas.

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How to paint a chain link fence, select oil-based aluminum paint designed for fencing. A product with a built-in rust inhibitor is a bonus. The most common color choice for chain link fencing is silver. As that is how most fences paint initially at the time of installation. Apply the color fence using a heavy one inch nap roll. Dip the roller in the paint bag easily to avoid loading it with excess color, which will cause large drops on the fence. Roll over both sides of the fence several times for a smooth coating. The color will of course drip through to the opposite side of the fence while working. So it is important to cover both sides of the fence the same number for even color.

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