How To Deal With Water Seeping Into Basement

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Diagnose the water problem, get rid of excess humidity, insulate pipes and walls and keep water away from the foundation are ways to deal with water seeping into basement. Water or moisture in basements usually comes from two sources. Indoor humidity condenses on cold surfaces just like water droplets form. The other source is water and water vapor that comes from outside. Rainwater, groundwater or melting snow can saturate the soil around your foundation which then leak in. Through cracks water can leak. It can also penetrate masonry walls or porous concrete in the form of water vapor. In how to deal with such causing problem into the basement, the basement walls can be taped with aluminum foil.

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You can get rid of excess humidity by eliminating the humid air sources will help dry out the basement. Foil tape can be used to seal leaky dryer vents with to prevent any unwanted humid air from entering basement. Don not just use duct tape because it will fall off eventually. Insulating pipes is the next step to contribute the basement water issue. Foam pipe insulation can be used to cover cold water pipes to stop condensation. It is inexpensive and easy to cut by using scissors. Insulating the exterior walls can help to prevent condensation. It saves energy and reduces the heating bill.

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Keeping water away from the foundation after snow melts or heavy rains is important. Just make sure water is diverted away from your foundation. It is not recommended to have gravel or lawn edging along the foundation because they can make things worse. Create a 6-ft.-wide slope to solve the problems that drops about 4 in. away from the foundation. Cover the sloping soil with a layer of 6-mil poly for extra costs. You should have to hide the poly with gravel, mulch, or a soil layer covered with grass. This will make sure in keeping the water from soaking in near the foundation.

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