How To Clear Basement Floor Drain Clogged

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Installing Basement Floor Drain Clogged

Basement floor drain clogged? There is nothing worse than finding such thing in the basement floor drain. Well, there are some easy ideas to clear the problem. Since the floor drain in the basement is usually the all pipes’ final stop that leads out of the house. It is a good thing to tell family members not to run any water sources until the drain is completely unclogged. Anyone with simple experience can take care of the problem without calling professional plumber at all. Here are the steps in how to clear that clog in your basement floor drain. You will need bucket, rags or towels, gloves, plumbers snake and adjustable wrench.

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With gloves on, you can use the bucket to remove any standing water to be able to access the floor drain. Find the clean out access port which make it easier when using the plumbers snake. This is also because most floor drains make a sharp bend. It is from vertical to horizontal soon after floor level. Well, is not always an easy procedure in getting the snake to make that bend. The adjustable wrench can be used to remove the clean out plug. A few feet of snake should be pulled out. Insert the snake into the drain and you can pour a little water into it in the effort to add a little pressure behind the snake’s movement. This is meant to help in washing away any material that the snake broke. Advance gently the snake until you feel any resistance.

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Turn the snake crank clockwise to turn the auger. A resistance may occur and then quickly advance a few feet if only the drain is still be clogged. It depends on the material that clogging the drain, you may have several clogs to use in breaking through. This is before you get to whatever is causing the final blockage. If you meet resistance that not letting you to advance through with a few crank turns, you may have some kind of solid blocking material in the drain. Pull the snake out gently of the drain, this is hopefully pulling the blockage with it. If you have done clearing the block, the drain should freely run. If it is not, then repeat the steps again until the blockage is really cleared. Right after your drain is clear, pour down hot water into the drain so that able to help in removing any debris and clear the pipes.

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