French Drain Tile Basement System

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Drain Tile Basement Ideas

Drain tile basement offers system which called a French Drain that is designed specifically to collect and redirect water seepage away. You can simply install drain tiles either on the interior and the exterior as a house is being built. Basically, the drain tiles consist of a perforated pipe set in a trench and then to be covered with gravel. Contractors usually cover the pipe with a filter sock made of nylon to prevent the pipe filled with debris. The water that usually enters the pipe is later to be redirected to away from the foundation by flow of gravity. Most systems of drain tile are designed from the same concept. The differences are in materials, placement and shape of the pipe.

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Drain tiles were made of an orange or red clay material. Originally, drain tiles had no pipe’s holes, but instead the sections were laid. They were laid with a quarter-inch space between them to let water in. Nowadays, drain tiles are made of PVC or plastic perforated pipes. When it comes to placement, there are three different placement main options for systems of interior drain tile. The systems of Interior drain tile can be placed either within the slab edge, above the concrete slab or under the concrete slab.

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The most common drain tile systems’ placement in the existing homes is below the concrete slab. A basement floor portion should be removed approximately 12-24 inches from the concrete floor so that able to install this option. Then, dig a trench and set the pipe in place and then use washed gravel to cover it.

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