Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Layout Color Details

Craftsman Style House Exterior Bungalow

Craftsman style house has all about arts and crafts details. Browse some pictures on the gallery to find out, fond of. And then apply them for your craftsman house makeover ideas. Small and economical bungalows; both interior and exterior are alluring with earth-tone colors. Stone, brick and also other natural features can be your inspiration.

These days, you can find modern cottage style of craftsman houses. They are inviting from the outside and comforting in the inside. Are you in love with getting to know about the details? You can be sure in finding yourself amazement by the design, layout and color.

How to Exterior Craftsman Style House

Entryway with containers that color-coordination beckons guests onto porch. Choose to have ceramic spheres in spring-green that match the containers. This is to create a unifying effect. The porch columns and also doorway tie can be with decoration of pedestal urns. For warm and welcoming atmosphere of exterior, multipane windows on earthy stain front door look awesome. This is to see in the front steps. You should be careful in coordinating thoughtful garden touches. Along with the existing architectural details. Visual interest is to add by installing craftsman style screens. You can extend trim of home beauty around the porch. This is by choosing to have its railing in matching wood material. Paths and also  containers in earth tone can unify both garden and house. Which indeed with complementary of trim colors.

Earthy materials and also colors simply bring home in bungalow style. You can choose to have exterior paint colors in grays, browns, tans, coppery reds and greens. These colors reflect shades that commonly seen in forest, field and also earth. The porch base in bricks and an overhead lantern can amusingly add interest to the facade. Nowadays, modern craftsman home exteriors are focusing on playing up the aesthetic of arts and crafts. They truly favor natural materials with clean lines. This is applicable into one story homes with simple yet remarkable design.

Extra Tips

Many of the craftsman style homes are with stone foundations, conspicuous chimneys. And also porch spots just like what you can see on the pictures. Cottage style with colorful flowers plant beautifully in window boxes is certainly impressive. Fresh, healthy and also comforting home exteriors are the features by craftsman homes. Bricks and stones can make architecture to stand out. Well, just check on pictures to get yourself inspire about all details that craftsman style house these days. Both exteriors and interiors are for sure really inviting to any eyes that see.