Epoxy Basement Floor Paint Ideas

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Beautiful Epoxy Basement Floor Paint

Epoxy basement floor paint – It is ideal to prevent water damage. There are ideas in how to choose a best epoxy floor paint that will work for your space. Whether you are planning on finishing your basement space, or you just want to keep its original state, a waterproof sealant is important to the concrete floor. This is meant to lock out moisture. It is one of the best ways in using epoxy paint for basement floor to maintain and preserve your space. Epoxy dries hard and thick with waterproofing and also providing a good finish with durability. An excellent solution is offered by epoxies for a high-traffic basement. That is used as a workshop and recreation area.

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There are three epoxy types, they are solvent-based, water-based, 100 percent solid. There are in a range of colors like green, brown, ivory and red. If you are planning on placing hardwood, carpet or other floor materials on a concrete top of the basement floor. You should consider in applying a few epoxy coats to the concrete before laying the floor. This works as a moisture barrier to prevent any future water damage.

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Just make sure in applying the epoxy to make basement floor cool. This will help it in adhering to the surface. Use a roller that long-handled to apply the epoxy in a thin coat. The second coat may be necessary but make sure in allowing 24 hours before applying it. You should have to wait until the epoxy is fully dried before installing a new floor.

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