Easy Basement Shower Drain Ideas

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Basement Shower Drain Diagram

Basement shower drain sends water quickly from upstairs drainpipes plunging down to the main line of sewer. Basement drainpipes are on the same level just like the main sewer line. Therefore, it must be properly graded to be able in encouraging flow. In how to install a basement drainpipe to service a toilet, shower and sink, the surrounding of concrete floor the main sewer line must be broken up and removed so that able to dig trench. The new pipes must properly be installed with a one-quarter inch per foot downward slope. This should be easy as long as the main connection of sewer line is far enough below the floor.

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If there is not enough space for a new drainpipe beneath the concrete floor or if actually the main sewer line is above the floor in the first place, as homeowners you can hope to install a basement bathroom have other options. One solution is to build the basement floor up in the effort to create a false floor within which where the new drainpipe will run. This is going to allow you in avoiding tearing up the concrete floor. But it will leave the toilet in your home elevated on a slab which as a setup most homeowners dislike.

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If any concrete construction is out of the question, there are pump systems and toilets that send wastewater straight up. So-called upflushing toilets that entirely sit above the floor and include a pump which sends wastewater to an access point that higher in the main sewer line. The systems of freestanding sewage-ejector essentially perform the same function and concealable behind a “wet wall” along with water lines and ventilation piping for the shower and sink. Upflushing systems of toilets and sewage-ejector can help to drain basement showers and sinks. By attaching the fixtures to either system kind, the mechanism will send the shower and sink wastewater up along with that from the toilet.

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