DIY Finishing Basement Stairs Ideas

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Modern Finishing Basement Stairs

Finishing basement stairs can be done by applying DIY ideas to save money and not to mention about creativity pouring in getting what you want. I take huge pride to help homeowners like yourself in finding the ideas to finish the basement especially on the stairs. The unfinished lumber stairs than are plain lead down to newly remodeled space. How to do it by yourself from the scratch? It is going to be very interesting in saving your cash and indeed pouring your creativity as I said. These are some ideas that you can do to make a better look of the unfinished stairs in the basement.

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Carpet adds warm and not to mention softens wooden stairs’ look. It is quiet and soft under your feet. Carpet wears well with traffic that heavy foot. Carpeting wooden stairs still popular that applicable into basement stairs. Carpet runner is another popular choice. This is an affordable way to make the basement stairs dressed up. However, the carpet runner needs to be stapled into each one of the stairs. This material has the ability to absorb mildew and mold due to moisture.

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Vinyl is a good pick for basement stairs. It is not affected by moisture in the air. There are many colors, styles and textures. A metal corner strip added into vinyl is a must on the each tread of front edge to hold it securely and avoid it from peeling. Painting and staining your stairs is the most economical way among the others if your budget is running thin. Latex floor paint is not too slippery and wears well. Before painting, you better to make sure in cleaning the stairs thoroughly.

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