Deficiency And Advantages Of Wood Lateral File Cabinet

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File and Documents are something that need space to stuck. People usually save their files in the safe, boxes or cupboard. This time we will discuss about the function of wood lateral file cabinet as the use of files and documents saving. Many people use it since it has unique shape so as it is used as file keeping place, it also used to decorate a room. Wood that used to be material base also determined how it will last longer. Teak wood usually used for the good quality cabinet, since it can withstand weather changes. As the model is unique, the additional point of this kind of cabinet is that we can stuck many items on it, or use it as table.

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As wood lateral file cabinet has it advantages, it also has some deficiencies.

Since the cabinet made of wood, it can easily moldy if people put it in the sunless area or in cold weather. Even tough polishing it can make inside of the cabinet more dry, but sometimes it still can get moldy. Furthermore, this condition will affect to file saved insides.  Paper will easily torn or the ink disappeared. Another lack is that this cabinet is spacious or in other word need large space to place. People who has small room will feel the room even smaller by placing the cabinet inside, but it does not matter for people who has large residence.

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Those advantages and disadvantages are also depend on person who take care of it. People whose handling his item with detailed care will get advantages from using wood lateral file cabinet. In contrary, using this kind of cabinet is not suggested for a reckless people, since it need a lot of care. Other way to keep files and documents stay save, people can use binder or folder made of plastic material. With this way, either we use this cabinet or another cupboard, file will still dry and protected from humidity.

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