Decorative Ideas With Gray Wood Paneling

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Awesome Gray Wood Paneling

Gray wood paneling – If you do not like the look of the panels in your home, you can always paint over it. The panel can actually be something of a blessing, making your work easier if you want something on your walls apart from a solid block of color, because the panels can serve as guidelines. Remember to put primer on the panels before applying the paint layer. Apply a thin layer of plaster to fill in all the slots completely.

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Stripes is a natural idea to cover gray wood paneling.

The grooves in the panels can serve as basic guidelines, either to apply masking tape or simply to paint itself. Do not think that you are limited to only the stripes of equal width. Consider using a neutral tone for a wider stripe extending the width of the panel and only paint a thin strip of a lighter color between the panels.

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The pattern also can be painted relatively simple on the gray wood paneling walls in much the same way as stripes, depending on the pattern you choose to use. Vertically oriented patterns will be easier to implement than horizontal, or circular patterns. For example, vertically oriented zigzag is easier to position than horizontally oriented zigzag.

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