Decorative Chain Link Fence Types And Choices

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Decorative Chain Link Fence Slats

Decorative chain link fence certainly seems basic and simple, but you may be surprise to learn how many different types and styles available today. In fact, few people realize that they have more than one choice when looking for a chain link fence. Whether you choose the style of fence for your home business, or for other applications, consider your options before making your final choice.

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There are several types of decorative chain link fence, one of which is galvanized or zinc-plated wire comes in two types. Galvanized after weaving (GAW) or galvanized before weaving (GBW). The main difference is that the GBW cable has several wire ends that go un-coated, while cable GAW has some un-coated parts where wires cross. Both types last for around 12 years, requiring little or no maintenance and are suitable for residential applications.

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Aluminum wire material may be a good choice for larger rust and corrosion resistance. It is lightweight, strong and has a long life. It is also a good choice for anyone who lives in a wet climate. Even in the harshest climates, aluminum can last for 25 years. Decorative chain link fence are of stainless steel may be your best option if you need an extra durable fence. It can handle high temperatures, thanks to the high level of alkali resistance. It is also very durable and suitable for the harshest weather.

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