Decorative Basement Column Covers Ideas

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Basement Column Covers Decor

Basement column covers are an ideal solution to cover your basement poles. Decorative classic pillar design shaped round has a timeless appeal. It is also safer with no sharp square corners for young children so that not to injure themselves. There are offerings of decorative basement pole covers many unfinished wood types in the effort to enhance different basement styles. Premium woods like cherry, red oak and light maple pole coverings. Paintable MDF Wrap is offered if you would like to paint your own pole cover to match your specific basement style. The paintable column covers available in wide range of design with flexibility.

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Wood columns – The columns are made from Eastern White Pine which ensures a high quality product. These columns are great for covering up poles inside the house or basements. They are made from paint grade material. Wood columns are great for wrapping your basement pole or jack post. Building or renovating your basement apartment? Want to cover those ugly red poles? Snap together octagon column covers are awesome. Cap and base with top and bottom neck mould are optional and additional costs will apply.

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There are best references for the basement column covers like Home Depot, Lally and Lowes that offer real decorative yet inexpensive prices. There are options in color to choose from and you can simply pour personal taste to make a better value.

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