Decorate Driveway Canopy

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Driveway Canopy Awesome

Driveway Canopy– A beautifully decorated driveway not only makes visitors feel welcome, it’s fun for you to see when you come home from a long working day. You can decorate the drive as unique as you like and you can change the look of each season and vacation. You do not have to break the bank to decorate your Driveway Canopy.

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Measure the length of your Driveway Canopy along each side for light placement. Set a spread light on the ground at three to five foot intervals to mark the places where you want to install the lights. Avoid installing the lights flush with the drive as this can give a straight drive a steady look. Stagger the lamps along each side for functional furnishings.

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Flank your garage or at the end of your Driveway Canopy with a collection of potted plants.  Place three potted plants in a banana-shaped row along the side of the Driveway Canopy. Place two more potted plants in front of banana-shaped row of wood. Add another factory in the front to end the potted plants landscape. Varying the heights of the plants by placing an ash block under a pair of pots.

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Fill open spaces of ash block with white holiday light for darkness. Add one or two semesters or themes worn wood decorations to each group of potted plants. If the inside of your home is done in shabby chic decor, you can extend this to nature by choosing the ward interior that fits the same style.

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