Crushed Stone Driveway Options

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Asphalt Crushed Stone Driveway

Crushed Stone Driveway – Crushed stone is a versatile material to build driveways. It is easy to work with. And offers an affordable alternative to concrete, asphalt, pavers and solids. Gravel driveway is casual, easy to maintain and complement a variety of landscape styles. Consider colors and sizes available. And also select the shingle that will best accent the character of your home. Gravel or stone is a general term that refers to the river stones, pebbles and other crushed stones from quarries.

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Britvic containing a mixture of stone dust and pieces measuring three-eighths inch and less. In landscaping, used Britvic in areas with good drainage. Because it compresses into an almost solid surface. Medium gravel measure up to three quarters of an inch and acts as a supporting base or surface. This is because the rocks allow just enough room for water to penetrate. Large gravel measures more than 1 ΒΌ inches and is too unstable to use alone for a driveway. Crushed stone driveway typically use large or medium gravel base with a layer of small gravel on top.

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Pea gravel, river rocks, crushed granite and other stones offer a variety of crushed stone driveway options. Pea gravel is often brown, transparent or white. Also has a smooth, round shape. River stones come in a variety of colors, including red, orange, gray, polished black, and form a strong decorative surface. Use rocks of various sizes for visual interest. Compact subsoil and base designed to make the stones as stable as possible.

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