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Driveway Layouts – Construction a bricks driveway often seem like an intimidating task due to the time and attention to detail needed to rebuild the driveway together. This task seems more intimidating when making the decision to build a curved brick walkway. Building a brick walkway that includes closed or smooth turns requires extra steps to reduce the bricks to fit the space before installing or putting the bricks in the roadway space.

By which a curved brick driveway layouts can take more than a week to carry out. Choose the layout for the brick walkway and place yard stakes to mark the layout and direction of the walk. Choose a design for the brick walkway, place stakes to mark the secular patio and the direction of the march. Position the stakes every 2 to 3 feet to delineate the edges of the driveway more definitely. Tie the ribbon between the stakes to show curves of the driveway. Dig the area inside the patio stakes to a depth of 6 inches, using a regular gardening shovel.

Use a tape measure to measure the width of the driveway. Move along the edges of the driveway layouts, measuring every 6 inches to ensure that it stays approximately the same width throughout the entire distance. Compact the floor inside the excavated walkway area using a mechanically manipulated floor.

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