Concrete Basement Floor Ideas

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Concrete Basement Floor Stain

Concrete basement floor can be made into decorative just by applying do it yourself ideas. There are some cool things that you can do. Acid stain for concrete floor has always been a favorite. This is because of the ability of acid stain in creating shine and elegance. Concrete sealers can make a fine completion or you can also choose to have a concrete overlay. Just make sure in adding less than 1/8th inch in height. There are 10 cool reasons that you can have with concrete overlay on your basement floor. Are you ready? Check these out!

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Yes, you can! DIY project by using decorative concrete kits along with the installation will give you excellent results just under $2.00 per square foot. This is cheap yet priceless in quality. Water based sealers and dyes are green which means non hazardous at all.  You can apply them to reduce mold and dust with healthy value. Save your time, cash and hassle with concrete overlays just at less 1/8 inch of thickness. When it comes to durability, it bonds concrete with iron strength. You can do a customization by creating simply brown or gray floors. You will find it easily to be designed with patterns by using stencils or tape. Both of concrete dyes and acid stains are applicable. The overlay beauty has the ability in controlling color.

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Decorative concrete basement floors survive moisture from flooding. This is because of the porous and breathable to allow moisture to vaporize from the slab of concrete. Not to mention its versatility since the application both onto concrete walls and stairs easily and quickly just 2-3 days.

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