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The covered patio provides a haven to enjoy the outdoors with some protection against the elements natural. However, this place does not protect covered furniture as completely as a courtyard closed. Furniture such as seats and decorative pieces must be able to stay in the environment. While it may be tempting to reuse a sofa inside to the outside, chances are you do not go well exposed to the weather, but there are some sofas that can cope with the conditions of a courtyard covered.

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Traditional sofas or armchairs are designed for indoor use

The frames are made less durable soft as spruce and pine woods. Often, upholstered sofas are treated with stain conditioner to protect against the accumulation of spills, stains and dirt, but are not designed to withstand the weather outdoors for covered patio.

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The sofas in courtyard made of cedar, teak or redwood resist much better climatic conditions; and redwood is also resistant to rot. The pieces may be stained to prevent wear that occurs over time. For the appearance of wood or wicker, but with a material that remains cool to the touch, the resin is the best choice. Is weatherproof 100 percent and is a relatively inexpensive material for covered patio.

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