Coffee Table Legs Design

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Smart Coffee Table That Raises Up

Coffee table legs are such the important part in your table and the leg will be the crucial part coming in different decor and shape, and it will be interesting with attractive shape. Make your own coffee table using a countertop precut and table legs. Even if you’re not very good with crafts, you can easily build a round table. All you need to do is attach the legs and the table paint color of your choice. If you can not find a countertop round wood, look for a plywood version. Make two coffee tables and place them side by side, if you want a larger surface. Sand the top and the legs to smooth and remove any rough spots. Brush to remove dust from wood. Paint or stain the countertop and legs. Apply a layer using a brush or cloth and let dry for four hours; applied after another.

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Turn the hob to the top is on the ground. Find the center of the countertop using the measuring tape and mark on it. Measures 6 inches (15 cm) from center to left and right and make two marks. Measures another 6 from the center, up and down, and make two marks. Draw a square that connects the four brands. Position the four plates of coffee table legs at the bottom of the countertop, one at each corner of the square. The plates should be in space uniform and flat, so that the table is firm.

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