Classic Basement Bulkhead Doors

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Aluminum Basement Bulkhead Doors

Basement bulkhead doors give a classic appearance with easy installation and can last long period of time. When I was approached by the National Parks Department’s representatives. They asked if I could build a basement bulkhead door in custom design. It replicates the original door that built for Teddy Roosevelt with modern classic functionality. I was honored and determined to provide a reproduction of stellar. They told me that they had tried other manufacturers without any success at all.

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This bulkhead is built actually on an aluminum infrastructure that constitutes the basis for all of my Cape Cod Classic and Everlast bulkheads. Then I overlayed the aluminum with some woods that are finest on the planet that provided by the folks at Accoy. The end result is a bulkhead does give the classic appearance of two door wooden plank in bulkhead. When it comes in reality, it is a single door hatch style bulkhead. It is completely made in America with easy to open and can last a lifetime.

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The folks were doing the Sagamore Hill Estate’s restoration will be painting the bulkhead the original blue or gray color. Choose one that matches the surrounding trim. Well, for now, the beauty of this wooden structure is a hard thing to miss. I enjoyed the challenge and I also would welcome yours.

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