Chain Link Fence Lock For Safety

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Chain Link Fence Lock Hardware

Chain Link Fence Lock – A chain-link fence protects your garden from invasive animals like dogs and raccoons. However, it does not protect your family from prying eyes. If you want more privacy in your garden, consider installing privacy slats on the chain link fence. The vinyl blades turn the chain link fence into a virtual solid enclosure that blocks sight of the neighbors of your garden. You can choose between vertical or diagonal privacy the most.

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The slats are quick to install and the whole project takes approximately one afternoon to complete. Instructions: Lay a vertical privacy ribbon down through a column near the chain link loop. The ribbon is inscribing in a row of links, sliding behind the top wire and opposite the bottom wire in the loop. The batten will be the armor itself through a row of links in the guide. Install the vertical securing strip chain link fence lock. It is a 5-inch strip of vinyl with an angling cut and locking tabs.

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Slide the strip through the top row of chain link fence and notch into the top of the first vertical Lama privacy. This chain link fence lock the ribbon in place. Install extra privacy slats on the fence by sliding through the columns of the chain links. As you do this, slide the locking tab through the notches at the top of the privacy slats. Keep working this way until the entire fence is filled with privacy slats.

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