Best Stained Concrete Basement Floor Ideas

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Custom Stained Concrete Basement Floor

Stained concrete basement floor – It features better look with interesting atmosphere at high value of elegance and indeed better values. Here is the information that essential to know before you begin in applying concrete stains. Water based concrete stain which is generally a mixture of pigments and acrylic polymers. The water based concrete stains fill the concrete’s pores. Coat the surface to produce the stained effect. Acid based concrete stains unlike water-based concrete stains, these stains do not coat the surface at all. The porous concrete stain penetrates and chemically reacts with the lime contained in the concrete. Before applying any stain for concrete, you should always have to read the fully directions.

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There are things that you need to wear when staining like safety glasses, rubber gloves, long protective clothing, respirator and rubber boots. Whether acid or water-based, the application tools are usable in both stains. It is not recommended to use tools or containers when applying acid stains that contain metal. Make sure in gathering items like sprayer, brushes, sponges, scrub brushes and buckets or pails and cleaning supplies,

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Arm yourself with the knowledge about what concrete stain formula that you need. Having gathered all your supplies, there is little else to do. You can begin prepping the floor and then staining the concrete floor. The concrete staining process is actually not difficult at all but it does take a talent to learn to evenly spray. You may want to do an experiment in a hidden area with a piece of concrete. Once you feel confident, then it is the time to begin the spraying on your concrete floor.

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