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Backyard Wood Fence Sealer

Wood fence sealer – Mold on a wood fence not only makes fence unsightly, it is also detrimental. Removing mold from an outdoor wood fence will help keep your fence strong and strong, and then protect your family from exposure to mold. Add dose of mildew removal solution to tank of a power washer, and fill tank with hot water. Add a dose of mold removal solution to tank of a pressure washer, and fill tank with hot water. Connect power washer and let reservoir to pressurize.

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Fit power washer with a wide-spray tip, and spray each wood fence sealer from top to bottom with mildew removal solution. Then place power washer with a tip all over spray. And then spray each wood batten from top to bottom with rust removal solution. Work slowly, moving nozzle slowly back and forth to force solution into fibers and kill mold. Allow fence to dry overnight, and check for any remaining signs of mildew.

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Next, let fence dry overnight, and check for any remaining signs of mold. Mold will appear on fence as small patches of dark green or black mucus. Then, spray fence again to remove stubborn mold stains. Coat wood fence sealer with a waterproof sealant. Fence shield with a waterproof sealant. Brush sealant with a clean brush, working from top of each strip down. Allow first coat to dry for at least eight hours, and apply a second coat. Be careful to coat top and side of each board to eliminate mold recurrence in future.Wood fence sealer,

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