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Installing Basement Bathroom Plumbing

A sewage pump is required when it comes to basement bathroom plumbing. Plan everything about layout, vent and cost to make a better value. Ejection pump fails? Bad switch should be checked before deciding in replacing the pump. Basement sewage pump replacement can cost about $20. You better start diagnose and get a replacement if there is a bad ejection pump switch. When sewage ejection pumps in the basement fail, an ugly mess on the basement floor is just irritating. Make sure the “float” switch works before getting yourself panic.

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Mostly there are sewage ejector pumps have a floating ball that attached to the pump. They are separated by a separate electrical cord. How to repair the basement sewage pump? Here are some of the steps. First of all, check the GFCI outlet and circuit breaker. If they are just OK, you better to unplug the pump from the piggyback plug back and directly plug it in. The switch is bad if the pump kicks on. If it does not turn on, then it is clear that pump is bad.

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Replacing it can cost $300, including switch and is just as easy as replacing the switch. You can just simply lift out the old pump and put a new one in. Run water for a minute if the pump works to flush out the dirty water. It is recommended not to let the water level go below the pump. This is meant to avoid you burn out the pump. Remove the basin top. Then pull the vent pipe from the top which then loosen the coupling or union that joins the waste line together.

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