Arco Floor Lamp

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Arco Floor Lamp Replica

The popular archives Arco floor lamp is a creation by designer Achille Castiglione. Arco floor lamp was designed in 1962, giving the go-ahead to the curve for inspiration. It is a floor lamp that stands out for the impressive curvature of its steel arm, an impressive arch that creation takes its name. Part of a marble base Ratchet. This marble base acts as a counterbalance, and its weight reaches about 65 kg.

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His arm is the most important aspect of creation, its high aesthetic level, but especially for its high degree of functionality. Provides space on which you placed a major direct light, but above all, fulfills a decorative mission. It was originally designed considering the possibility that it could illuminate a dining table and can put some distance, so that the base will not clog diners.

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Can thus act as a ceiling lamp but with the advantage that should not be placed at a fixed point. Original Arco floor lamp is produced by the Italian company Floss and its price is around 1,500 Euros. Many other companies have made their version of the Arco lamp, so we can find designs with different dimensions, bases and color from 200 Euros.

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