The Advantages Of Copper Roof Shingles

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Copper roof shingles – The world filled with copper lovers and the lovers of copper roof are by no means an exception. Basically there are 2 different types of copper roof you can buy; there is a solid copper roof that consists only of sheet copper on the roof. It is highly weather resistant and protects your home for decades, but it is too expensive, as you can imagine. On the other hand, the copper roof shingles made by the paper attached copper around the standard asphalt shingles. All in all, the cost is likely to succeed in an endeavor less than the slate roof but after the copper roofing shingles have been survived and they will take on the brilliant green look that just copper can create.

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One of the advantages that copper roof shingles offers more than other durable roof, especially a solid copper roof, is that shingles are actually surprisingly light and the most roofs and structures can usually solve an awesome burden. As long as you are willing to pay about $ 4 per square foot (compared to $ 1 for standard asphalt but up to $ 15 for a solid copper) there is probably to be any good reason why you cannot use copper roof shingle on the roof.

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